Subscription: benefits

Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of a profitable offer of an annual subscription to case lessons.

By making an individual subscription “Primary School” or “High School”, you get an annual access to case lessons for $19 for one user.

To connect more individual accesses (up to 14 people), click the plus icon (+) below. The number in the field will show the number of individual accesses and the total amount to be paid.

If you want to subscribe for a group of 15 people or more, click the plus icon(+) as many times as you plan to connect to access. As soon as the number 15 or more appears in the field, you automatically switch to group access and get a better annual subscription for $15 dollars per user.

To complete the annual subscription for the whole school, use “For the Principal” option. Contact us for more preferential pricing and additional features.

By making a wholesale group subscription “Primary School” or “Secondary + High School”, you get the annual access to case lessons, including interactive cases (with dynamics), as well as access to a series of webinars “Case-Lessons: EASY – USEFUL – ENTERTAINING!”. Such access is provided for a group of more than 15 users.

You can get acquainted with other tariff plans here.

There are more than 100+ unique cases for all ages which cover all topics of the school curriculum in our case study. This means that you get access to each integrated case lesson in fact for less than $0.1.

Subscribe to case lessons and you will see how satisfied children, teachers, principals and parents will be!

Step-by-step subscription instructions can be found here.

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