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What are the benefits for moms?

Are you a mother on maternity leave who is looking for the possibility of additional income so that you can earn money and have enough time for your family? Then the affiliate program Edu Future is right for you! Register in the system right now and start earning at once.

How to earn? 

You must be in numerous groups for mommies on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, you visit parent forums, and among your friends there are many parents. All you need to do is go to your affiliate program profile, get a unique affiliate link and share it. Each subscription will bring you 10% of the total.

You can read more about registration in the affiliate program here.


What is the benefit for teachers?

Do you want to receive additional income, having spent minimal time for this, without nerves and special efforts? Sign up for the Edu Future affiliate program and start earning right now!

How to earn?

Вы, как учитель, имеет много друзей по профессии онлайн (тематические группы и сообщества в социальных сетях). Предлагайте своим знакомым оформить годовую подписку на кейс-уроки, при этом получая 10% от общей суммы оформленных подписок.

You can read more about registration in the affiliate program here.

What are the benefits for students?

The first money is so important. But it is also responsible. After all, not every mom and dad will allow a child to get a job, and what to do if you already want to earn money? There is a way out - Edu Future affiliate program! This is a proven way for hundreds of children to get not only the first money, but also a stable income.

How to earn? 

Tell about the subscription for the case-lessons to your classmates, friends and acquaintances. And then just share the link with them, which you will find in your account of the affiliate program. Get 10% from each subscription.

You can read more about registration in the affiliate program here.

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